Home Security & Home Automation finally made simple.

Protect & control your home
  • Cost effectively
  • Effortlessly
  • From wherever you are in the world
Protect your Home

View in real-time what’s going on at home when you’re not there.

Get voice call alerts from sensors in your home - intrusion, smoke CO2, flood detection and more.

If you missed the call don’t worry - myLiveGuard will cycle round a list of trusted users until someone does respond – then send an email to everyone saying who took the call.

Receive alarm video footage with alert calls so you can decide if intervention is required.

Take action !
If the problem’s a genuine one, you can optionally divert the alarm video footage to an Alarm Monitoring Centre for them to intervene.

Protect your Home

Control your Home
Control your Home
Do it now

Individually control:

  • Light switches
  • Plug sockets
  • Door locks
  • Curtains
  • Heating controls
  • Pretty much anything electrical
Schedule it
  • Set schedules
  • Automate on/off switching
Auto Switch
  • Set rules: “if this happens, do that”….

How it works
Home hub app
  • Runs on compatible android devices e.g. tablet, smart TV Box, games console even!
  • Enter settings to setup and personalise your system
  • System auto-detects & configures cameras & home automation devices
  • Start using the system!
“Cloud “servers
Our cloud servers provide powerful functionality to take care of all system security and communications between home hub and users’ smartphones as well as safely store and serve up alarm video footage.
Smartphone apps
Live view, system arm/disarm, intrusion/problem alerting and home automation functions can all be carried out from any Android or iOS based smartphone.
How it work

Get the best out of your home
  • Simulate occupancy when you’re away from home
  • Turn on the heating at home on before you leave the office
  • Manage expensive energy more efficiently
Peace of mind
  • Monitor your home in real time via your smartphone
  • Turn on the lights and check it’s safe before you enter the house
  • Be alerted whenever there is an issue no matter where you are in the world
  • Receive video footage of the problem
  • Nominate people to deputise for you for when you can’t take the call yourself
  • Optionally divert the video stream to a professional monitoring centre for resolution
Run it on what you’ve got
  • Downloadable home hub app
  • Runs on any compatible android device – a tablet, a smart TV box, a games console even !
  • Remote access via Apple or Android smartphone
Designed-in simplicity
  • No IT knowledge needed
  • No need to configure your router/no port opening required
  • System auto-detects and configures all cameras and sensors
Convenience & flexibility
  • No drilling, no holes, no cables, no mess
  • Move the configuration round as your needs change
  • Add extra devices as and when you need them
  • Take it with you when you move home

See the video......

Myliveguard at a glance

Partner Opportunities
Licence and own-brand our android & cloud-based solutions platform……
Telco & Utility Companies (the “fifth play”)
  • Independent research indicates householders are more likely to buy home security & automation if they can buy from a trusted supplier.
  • Our android home hub app runs on any compatible router or smart TV box – so you may already have supplied them the equipment to run it on.
  • Our cloud platform provides you with additional monthly subscription based revenue opportunities.
Android Device Suppliers
  • How do you differentiate your product against that of the competition?
  • MyLiveGuard running on your device adds significant extra value – it helps your customers satisfy the basic human need to protect home and valuables from theft, fire and flood.
Alarm/Lighting System Manufacturers
  • Advances in technology mean householders are starting to think differently about the way they buy home security.
  • By integrating to our platform you can quickly add Smartphone and optional Home Automation functionalities to your existing product range, leverage existing customers and attract new ones.

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